Besides our standard services, we also provide several VAS which adds value and efficiency to your enterprise.


ADN provides Video Conferencing solutions and services over its own network and over internet.

Participants of video conference may be equipped with different sets of hardware. The simplest and cheapest among these would consist of a laptop or desktop with a webcam and a microphone. However, the professional grade Endpoints would ensure superior quality and give more technical controls on the session. Depending on clients need, ADN can help setting up a conference room with large screen displays, high definition equipment and infrastructure.

Key Benefits

  • Simplified connectivity solution.
  • Conference room, video broadcasting
  • video recording and streaming services.


  • Web hosting
  • Addition IPs
  • Content Filtering/Firewall Deploy
  • Third party mail server Configuration
  • Domain Registration and DNS hosting
  • Hosted mail service
  • Bandwidth Management
  • WiFi Configuration
  • Cable laying and Node Configuration
  • Multi-homing
  • Troubleshooting of LAN
  • VPN Configuration
  • Auto Failover/ Redundancy
  • Port Forwarding
  • Load Balancing